Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Like Taking Pictures :)

I would never say that I'm a photographer...but I would say that I love taking pictures. I'm a big fan of my little Cannon point and shoot. Unfortunately, a few months back, about 2-3 years of pictures got deleted off of my computer (a few tears were shed over that), but I still have a few gems I'll share with you here.

Presenting...a few of my favorite pictures (in no particular order):

 Bubble Gum Alley in SLO

 San Clemente (I love the clouds in this one--and those are my fav. palm trees)

 4th of July in San Clemente

 Nastia Liuken (when they went on tour after the 2008 olympics)

 Puerto Vallarta--love this place!

 More Puerto Vallarta

 Up on my grandparents' ranch

 The camp up at the ranch

 Sunset up at the ranch

 The Buda Castle in Budapest

 What's wrong with this picture? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? 

 I had a lot of fun taking this one. :)

 Crook Hall in Durham, England

 Notice the moon on the bottom right--love it!

 Cabo sunset 

 Alaskan sunset (my favorite by far)

 Garden in Victoria, Canada

Water drops in my front yard 

Which one is your favorite??


Nathan and Nicole said...

I love them all! I know what's wrong with one of them. That's a Chinese flag in Prague. I may or may not have heard that from you when you were here. :)

aerickson said...'s Budapest....but it's all basically the same. :)

Anonymous said...

I like them all, too..but the waterfall is my true favorite! Your photos are so awesome!
Mrs. G <3