Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Your Team!

I really have no idea how this "game" originated, but it's been going on for quite some time. My brother and his friends began putting odd people they'd see out and about on each others' hypothetical "teams." This, my friends, can be quite hilarious. Since it's gone on here for years, I thought that creating a European team would be no less than epic. So, I (as candidly as possible) snapped shots of candidates that I put on my brother's (and my friend Aaron's) team. When I returned to the states, I developed said snapshots, put them in a nice neat album, and presented my brother and Aaron with their team, European Edition. I'll share some of the gems with you here:

 Mr. Overalls
 Mr. and Mrs. Short Shorts and Puffy Hair
Mr. Buck Tooth Tourist
 Mrs. Dressed from Head to Toe on a Hot Day
 Mr. Mullet Boy
 Ms. Make my Hair Match my Leggings
 Mr. Brightside
 Mr. Mismatch Mania
 Ms. Blue Hair Weird Tights
 Mr. Ghost Sun Bather on a Cool Day
 Ms. Panties on the Wrong Side of the Pants
 Mr. Bag Pipes gone Wrong
 Mr. Whoopie Cushion on a Train
 Ms. Inflatable Head
Ms. I Like to Show the World my Bra

There's plenty more where that came from--I'm pretty sure the "team" had over 60 people on it. :)

Life goal: Never make it on anyone's team!

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Krissi said...

I like that some of the people actually caught you snapping pictures of them!