Wednesday, July 13, 2011

European Chronicles June 22, 2011

And we've arrived! We survived a long wait at LAX and met some people that are going on a missions trip to Greece. We boarded the plane and braced ourselves for the LONG flight. I watched about three movies and a few TV shows and ate and ate. I tried to sleep, but with little success. Sam's a bit better at sleeping than me. The best moment of the flight: the pilot came on the intercom and said, "Someone has left their pineapple jogging shorts in the toilet." We died laughing. We arrived in London with not much time to make our next flight and we had NO IDEA which gate to go to. It was not marked anywhere and we could not find anything designating Budapest. We finally found an info desk that directed us to the correct place and made it to our gate on time. The flight to Budapest was shorter and uneventful. I read some and slept some. Sam doesn't even remember takeoff! Good work. We got to Budapest on time, got ALL of our bags (thank you Jesus!) and found the padre. It was dinner time at this point (although our bodies were so disoriented that we had no idea) so we ate some Burger King--gotta love it! We enjoyed a nice drive through the city to my dad's house, made a few calls home, and here we sit! Tomorrow we'll have some sightseeing adventures and anything else we can scrounge up. Stay tuned!

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