Wednesday, July 13, 2011

European Chronicles July 7, 2011

York. ...the place...not the peppermint patty. :) 

Today was a girls' day. Nathan wimped out and decided to be diligent with his studies. Wah. Anywho, we (after a yummmy breakfast Nathan made) got into the car and drove about an hour and a half to York. Nicole is quite an excellent driver here. :) 

When we got to York, we compiled random bits of change, paid for parking, and walked into the city (through the WALLS). Another first for me today--I have never been to a city with walls. It was neat. We decided to eat first and stopped at a little place called The Punch Bowl (mainly because it had a cool name). Sam and I realized that it was owned by the same people that owned the pub we went to in Edinburgh, but it was quite good, so we didn't mind at all. Fish and chips was the choice for today--how can you not when you're in England??--topped off with a little Elderflower juice. YES! I love that stuff! Anyone know if you can get it in the States?? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? 

After lunch, we got to do one of our favorite things--go on a FREE WALKING TOUR!! What? What? I actually stumbled across it in the England book I was browsing on our way to York and we were all quite excited. As we began our journey over to the starting point, it started to rain. Typical. Good thing we had umbrellas! They shot right up and we were protected. Phew! We met up with our tour guide (a sweet older woman who had been doing this for 22 years!!!) and we were on our way. I saw a lot of neat things and heard a lot of history. The whole time I kept thinking--I wonder where my family is all from? (I know, don't end a sentence in a preposition--sorry, it's summer). It'd be interesting to dive a bit deeper into my geneology after hearing about all this European history.

I'd have to say my favorite part of the tour was walking along the city wall. Really? People just get to do that? Super cool. 

Or perhaps it was the part where some English teenagers were laughing about America and how young it was (Lame sauce.). Or maybe it was walking down the Shambles (GOOGLE IT-seriously!)--a street that looks like toon town. Literally, the buildings are all warped and coming together at the tops so that they lean in toward the center of the street. Crazy! That's what happens when your Oak isn't mature enough. Didn't these people know that? Seriously. 

After the tour, we happened upon a Starbucks and got some delicous treats. As we well know, coffee is not a part of my life, so I ordered a mango passion tea smoothie thing--now this, folks, can become part of my life. IT. WAS. AWESOME. We dabbled in a few shops before heading back to the car and on home. Nicole did a fabulous job driving once again. I don't know how she does it--I'd be scared out of my little mind! :)

We had leftovers for dinner when we got home, YUUMMMMY!, and headed over to their neighbor Francis's house for drinks after. I had some more Elderflower juice (delicious) and some crisps (chips). We chatted and visited for a bit and I watched the beautiful sunset outside. As soon as we got back home into the North Barn, it started POURING outside. Good timing!

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Maybe just a day to relax? I'll be sure to keep you posted. 

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