Wednesday, July 13, 2011

European Chronicles July 3, 2011

Countdown to our EPIC 4th of July party with the Red Coasts: T-minus 20 hours and counting! you can see, I'm quite excited about it. We have decorations and s'mores and a firework show prepared to play on YouTube and whatever other shenanigans we can come up with before tomorrow evening. Be looking forward to that post for sure (I know I am!)!!! 

Anyway, back to the present....we began the day going to Christchurch. Amazing that last week we were in church in Hungary and today we were in church in England. A chunk of my heart missed Living Grace (it's been a long time!), but it was really neat to experience church here with Nathan and Nicole. We heard a great message about Jacob and how to cling to God in our weakness for his strength is always sufficient and He is all that we need. After church we had a bit of tea time to fellowship with others at church. We met a few people and talked to some of the guys we hung out with the other night, and Nicole had to urge Nathan to leave because otherwise he would have talked forever! (Head down and walk out!). :)

We enjoyed a nice lunch at home (leftover Indian food) and some good conversation. Then we decided to go on a tour of Durham that the city puts on every Saturday and Sunday. We walked into town only to find out that the tour was canceled for today because there was not a guide available. However, that did not stop us! Nathan has the tour guide bug since going on a free walking tour in Prague and has decided to (hopefully) start his own free walking tours here someday. So, we let him practice on us! He did a great job! I mean, who knows, he could have just made up everything he said, but it all sounded good! Haha. Jk. He has been studying and researching and he really is learning his stuff. The tour was quite interesting!

We took a little break at...ahh...I forget the name of the little cafe...Nicole, please fill the people in when you read this. :) Anyway, it was set back in this little courtyard and it was quite lovely. Nathan had some tea and we all split some chocolate cake and this carmel banana pie thing that had a cool name that I can't remember. Delicious! After that it was the pharmacy and the grocery store and then on home. 

Nicole whipped up some delicious soup for dinner (she's quite the creative cook, people--yuuuummmmy), and we had Tesco's finest lemon pie thing for dessert. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out in the living room and talking. I seriously love nights like this. Good conversation warms my soul. Hahaha...cheesy, but true. We finished up our evening with a few "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Brian Regan" clips on YouTube and we called it a night. 

Tomorrow we have to "make a booking" to use the computer and printer at the public library to print our boarding passes for Ireland (because if we don't they will charge us a million pounds each--seriously!!!). We also have to plan and decorate for our party and pack for Ireland. This, my friends and family, will require your prayers. I have to pack for 3 days in a backpack. If you know me well enough, you know that packing is one of my worst enemies. Let's just hope it's not the end of me tomorrow. :) 

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