Wednesday, July 13, 2011

European Chronicles June 29, 2011

            Hi again. Prague is officially on the “to-done” list. I hope it’s not “to-done” forever, I’d love to go back someday, but I can officially say, “been there, done that.” Bye, Bye Prague!  Back through three countries we trotted again today….  (there’s really not much meat to this post—hope you don’t get bored!)

            We started the day with a buffet breakfast in the hotel, put our moola together to pay for parking and our few hotel expenses, and checked out. The GPS took a bit of time to acquire a signal and dad was a bit nervous about driving through Prague without the help of Sally (I named his GPS today), Sam and I were confident in our memories (scary for those who know me!). We were able to point him in the right direction, and Sally piped up with her opinion just in time. 

            We drove and drove and drove. Sam slept and slept and slept. I read and slept and read and slept. We played a bit of MadLibs and drove and read and slept. We stopped (somewhere) to get some gas and lunch on the go (yummy samiches at the gas station—go Europe!) and went on our way. We made it back here in about five hours.

            Upon arrival, we got some laundry started and Dad went to pick up the three amigos. I fixed my toenail polish (wow…this post in pretty boring) and Sam and I watched the History channel for a bit.

            Dad made spaghetti for dinner when he got back (please don’t fall asleep on me) and we had a nice little dinner. Then it was time to finish laundry, SKYPE WITH NICOLE AND NATHAN (highlight of the day for sure), Dutch Blitz!!, shower, and listen to some jams on my iPod.

            Now it’s time to pack. Have I mentioned before that I HATE PACKING!!!! Have I mentioned before that I’ll do anything I can to avoid packing? Perhaps I’ll stay on Facebook for a while longer, perhaps I’ll listen to more jams, perhaps I’ll call home….anything but PACK! Ugh! Wish me luck…

            Tomorrow we’re off to the grand ole’ UK! I can’t wait for the accents. But mostly, I can wait to see Nathan and Nicole and get myself some proper hugs!!!!! EEEEEK!

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