Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tei, Pinnochio, and Worship Night!

This morning at Tei we were met with a gaggle of giggles and an abundance of hugs. These kids seriously melt my heart. Have you seen the pictures I've posted from today yet? If not, please take a moment and refer back to my FB/Insta for a moment. How can those faces NOT melt your heart!?

Other than hugs and kisses and giggles and heart melting, we spent the morning playing on the inflatable slide, face painting, singing, watching the Jonah skit, and making adorable little whales with clothespins. The kiddos were loving it. Unfortunately, a few of us had to do a bit of face washing before we left since they couldn't put the kids down for naps with face paint, but it was all fun regardless. I'm seriously going to hate saying goodbye to those little ones next week.

This afternoon (after some private lessons from Florina during the journey back from Tei) we headed over to Pinnochio and did much the same program with them, but amped up a bit as many of them are older. They seemed to really enjoy it, but they especially enjoyed the team singing. I'm sure the kids are going to really miss that!

When we returned from Pinnochio, we were greeted by kids from the families' program and our dear friends Denisa and Eliza (former CTL staff members). I was beyond delighted to see them and get in some much needed hugs and love and encouragement.

Worship night was great as always. We sang and Ana, Bogdan, and a few of the team members shared. It's always encouraging to hear how God has transformed lives. We're all so very different, yet He cares about each one of us and each one of our stories so intimately. He truly is an awesome God!

Tomorrow we'll work with the Rehab kids in the morning and head to Chitila in the afternoon. PLEASE be praying for our afternoon tomorrow especially--these girls are in a delicate state right now and we want to love them well.

Thanks for your encouragement, support, and prayers! Noapte buna!

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