Wednesday, July 13, 2011

European Chronicles June 26, 2011

 I’m going to try to keep this short for three reasons: 1. It’s late. 2. We’re leaving in the morning to go to Prague. 3. This computer is going SLOOOW! Wish me luck…

We started this morning with a quick jet to the pharmacy to see what we could do about my leg. I wasn’t too optimistic because we don’t speak much Hungarian. I showed the lady my leg and she asked (through quite hilarious signs) if it was a bee sting. We tried to communicate to her and another lady that it was a spider bite and they gave me something, but I wasn’t sure it was the right thing…

On to church. Church was really neat. We got introduced along with lots of Polish people that were there, and fortunately enough, dad’s language teacher and his family were there. His wife Anna is a nurse and she looked at my leg, wrote down some stuff to get, and it was off to the pharmacy again…

At the pharmacy, I handed the lady the note and got the drugs like a charm. No language needed!

We had some samiches for lunch back home, I re-painted my toes nails, organized my mess of a room and suitcases, and re-packed for Prague. Then it was time to take the pups to the kennel….sad doggies. When we arrived at the kennel, the CUTEST puppy was out front and Beethoven, remember the movie folks?, was behind a gate. This dog was GINORMOUS! It was seriously more like a horse, but he was PRECIOUS. We bid farewell to the pups and returned to a quiet house…

Well, almost….on the way home the gas light came on and dinged at us. We were planning on driving downtown later, and dad was just going to wait to get gas tomorrow, but we convinced him that we didn’t feel like having a running-out-of-gas adventure in Europe.

Back home, changed clothes, got gas, and headed out to the downtown area. We found a parking place pretty easily, walked around and enjoyed the sights for a bit, and settled on a nice place near the water to eat. I ate the Transylvania plate basically because it sounded interesting. It was just a sample of different kinds of meat, and it was quite good. We enjoyed some people watching and some photo snapping before heading on our way. We didn’t have a plan, but we wanted to see downtown at night…so we’d wander around and wait for the sun to go down.

As we meandered by the river, and after purchasing this round, hollow, yumminess, we ran into dad’s language teacher and wife and son. Awesome! What are the odds, right? So, we hung out with them. We walked around and saw St. Stephen’s Cathedral—I think that’s right—where I had lots of fun with my camera, the US embassy, and lots of other super interesting buildings. Then we settled down on the grass by a particular building to watch a light show. Oh man, it was INCREDIBLE! I cannot even describe how awesome it was. The pictures won’t do it justice, but you can get kind of an idea.

We didn’t stay for the whole thing because it was going to go on until midnight, so we headed out around 2230. We wanted to get some pictures of the scenes at night, so we weaseled our way onto the bridge to snap some pictures. I really wanted to get a picture of parliament, but it wasn’t lit up completely! I was super bummed… maybe we’ll just have to go back Wednesday night.

Then we headed back to the car, and happened upon a McDonalds. Ok, RO team from 2005, remember the McD’s where we took pictures of ourselves and emailed them? I found that same thing!! I was so excited, and I thought a lot about all of you. Miss you guys!

Now we’re back home, getting ready for beddy by. We’ll leave for Prague tomorrow morning, and I’m not sure on the status of internet there. If I get a chance to post, I definitely will. If not, I’ll leave you all in suspense until I return! 

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