Thursday, June 30, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Little Rabbit = #ripmyheartout

This morning began at the office with worship and devotion as usual, except it was the team's last morning with us. They'll fly back home early tomorrow morning, so be praying for them if you think about it.

We headed to Rehab after our morning meeting. I was quite anxious to see my Little Rabbit again (Marius) and a few of the other kiddos I've come to truly adore (like Stefi). Speaking of Stefi, who was there to greet us with a bright smile and an adorable giggle when we arrived? You guessed it. I'll never get enough of that precious face. We were all outside to begin with, so after playing on the swing a bit, Stefi grabbed my hand and dragged me in circles all over the yard. We really had no purpose in where we were going, but it didn't matter a bit. The cutie patootie sat on my lap while the team did their skit and sang, and then I helped her make her whale craft. It was all quite adorable. I'm certainly going to miss that one!

But, after spending quite a bit of time with Stefi, I was ready to head inside to see my little dude. The workers told us not to pick the kids up today (there were men all around the center replacing windows, so it was a bit chaotic), so I lowered the side of Little Rabbit's crib and sat with him while Micah played the guitar and we all sang. It's not an easy feat to get any sort of reaction out of that little man, but I did manage to make him smile a time or two. Of course, I was not ready to leave when our time was up, but I knew I had to, so I kissed Little Rabbit, hugged him, told him I loved him, and that I would miss him. As I put the side of his crib back into place, he started shaking so violently that it looked like he was having a seizure. I immediately went right back to him and realized it wasn't a seizure (thank you, Jesus), he was just that upset that we were leaving. Talk about rip my heart out. I pray that I'll be able to see my dear Little Rabbit this side of Heaven, but if not, I'm confident we'll be singing and dancing one day in the presence of our Savior.

After an amazing lunch (as usual!) at the office, the kids from Pinnochio came over for the afternoon. Since they had already seen the Jonah skit, AJ reviewed the story with them and shared his testimony--relating it back to Jonah. The kids also did a different craft, and we sang and played games. I think this was the last time I'll see those kiddos, so it was a bit different saying goodbye to them this time. Lord willing, I'll see them again next year.

Since the team is leaving in the morning, we had to say farewell to them next. I'm really not a fan of goodbyes (who is?!), and I didn't like having to start them already. There will be far too many in my near future.

When we got home, I gathered things and packed for the weekend--I'm heading to Arad tonight to see Stelu and Florentina, who I haven't seen in 10 years, and I'm SO EXCITED! I probably won't update much over the weekend, but stay tuned for the last few updates early next week.

Thanks again for all your prayers and encouragement. A huge answer to prayer is that we'll get to spend Monday and Tuesday afternoons at Chitila (well, the staff will be there each afternoon tomorrow and next week, but I'll only be around for those two days). I'm beyond relieved to be able to see the girls again. Please continue praying for them as well! La revedere for now!

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