Wednesday, July 13, 2011

European Chronicles June 30, 2011

Woke up in Hungary...went to sleep in England...and a bit on the plane in between... :)

We started the day off in Budapest, got ready and gathered our stuff, and headed out to get pastries for breakfast. I thought we were going to get like breakfast type pastries, but it was more of a cake/dessert pastry shop. They did have a coffee cake like thing that I chose and it was delicious!

Then it was on to the airport. We had already checked in, so we just needed to print our boarding passes and drop off our checked bags. Online it said you could print your pass at a kiosk. Well, folks, when we got there, there was no kiosk with the British Airways option. Great. There was also no one at the BA info desk, and there were no lines open for BA check in. Awesome. So we waited. Dad had come in with us, so he was trying to ask around and solve the mystery. No luck. We figured we may just be a bit we waited. At about 11:30, a desk did open and we were able to get our boarding passes and check our bags. We said goodbye to dad and headed on our way.

We decided to get some lunch since we had quite a bit of time and weren't sure if we'd be fed on the plane. There was a place right by our terminal that said "Serve Food All Day." Sweet. We both ordered this chicken penne pasta thing. But, alas, I did not receive said penne pasta. I instead got spaghetti--but, like our pizza incident earlier in the week, you can't really complain, you just take what you get. It was alright, not great. I got quite tired of eating it after a short while, so I only had a bit. Oh well!

We boarded the plane and took off--and, what to you know?!?--they served samiches. Yum. Good job BA for feeding us constantly. It was definitely better than my spaghetti. The plane ride was only about two hours long. There was a bit of turbulence which I love, and we landed without incident. We were a bit nervous about making our connecting flight because we didn't have much time, so we jetted through Heathrow airport to find our next gate. We made it! I was super thirsty, so we got something to drink. I just got water, but Sam got Dr. Pepper (it's rare where we've been). We walked over to our terminal and when we opened it (like Dr. Pepper is known for doing) it sprayed all over the place. Classic. We had a good laugh or two before she got some napkins to mop it up.

The second flight from London to Newcastle was only about 40 minutes long, but they still gave us drinks and snacks. Gotta love BA! The only problem with this flight is they didn't have all of the luggage to start off with, so we sat on the tarmac for probably about the same amount of time that we spent in the air--sorry Nathan and Nicole! When we arrived, they rolled the stairs up to the plane and we walked right off and into the airport. All of our bags made it and we exited to a smiling Nathan and Nicole holding a sign that said "Amy and Friend." (We had been joking that Nathan couldn't remember Sam's name and kept asking Nicole).

After some hugs, we gathered our stuff and headed out to the car. We enjoyed a beautiful drive back to Durham, complete with a bright double rainbow. We quoted Brian Regan and got a few history lessons from Nathan about the places we passed by (he'll make a good tour guide one day). We got to the barn (their house) for a quick luggage drop off and potato salad pick up and we were off again to have dinner with some of their friends. Delicious!!! It was definitely one of the best meals I've had so far. We enjoyed good food and entertaining conversation. Then it was off to Dun Cow to experience some good old folk music. I loved it! They guys said it didn't give us an accurate first look into what life here is really like, but we quite enjoyed it.

We walked back to Nathan and Nicole's house after the music extravaganza and set up our bedroom. We chatted for a few while Sam and Nicole sipped some tea and then it was off to bed. 

I'm quite sure we're in for more great adventures soon. Stay tuned!

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