Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's a Small World After All...

I am going on vacation again....I know, rough life, huh?!? And no, I'm not going to Disneyland as the title of this post may suggest. I am going on a cruise to Mexico with my mom, my mom's parents, aunt and uncle, cousin and wife, and brother and future sister-in-law  his girlfriend. We traditionally take a family trip every other year. I won't complain. :)

So, why the lame song (It's a Small World After All) that's now stuck in my head, you ask? Let me take you back a couple of years...

Two years ago, the fam and I boarded a Princess Cruise ship to Alaska. This had been a place on the bucket list, so I was quite excited. Being as it was a trip to Alaska on a smaller cruise line, there were not many young people on the boat ship. My brother, cousin, and I almost instantly met and befriended the few people that were our age on the cruise. We met two wonderful sisters, Kasey and Krystal and their grandparents and a guy named Bob and his family. The six of us basically hung out the entire trip and we had a blast.

(Krystal and Kasey--aren't they just great?!?)

We were sad to say goodbye at the end of the last cruise, but we kept in touch over the last couple of years. We've even visited each other a bit. So here, my friends, is where the world is about to shrink...

Krystal texted me a couple days before I left for Europe. It went something like this:

K: Hey girl! Are you guys going on a cruise this summer?
Me: Yup!! In July!!! You going on any??
K: Me, Grandma, and Sis are too in July! :)
Me: No way! Which one???
K: A 7 day Mexico cruise with Carnival. What about you?
Me: No way!!! We're doing the same one!! What date?????
K: HAHAHA are you serious? I think we go out of LA on the 17th
Me: OMG!!!!!! SO do we!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!
K: WHAT!!!!!! are you serious??????????
Me: I can't believe this!!! I'm so excited!!!!

As you can see, the girls and their grandma will be joining us on this cruise as well. I am so stinkin' excited to see them again and make more cruise memories. We certainly do have a small world. Too bad Bob couldn't join us--he has a wedding to go to this weekend. Perhaps two years from now we'll all be together again. 

For now, there may be a bit more of this happening this week... 

I must say bon voyage to myself and my family and farewell to you all for now. I'll be back with lots of stories and pictures upon my return. For now, scroll down the blog and enjoy all the posts about my European adventures! 


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