Thursday, July 14, 2011

European Chronicles July 8, 2011

Today began with a bit of sleeping in and reading in bed--quite an enjoyable way to start a day if you ask me. :)

Nicole was slightly under the weather (wah!) and Nathan went off to gather some shtuff from some people that were moving, so Sam and I decided to head into town to hang out a bit.

(As she's reading this, Nicole says, "Slightly under the weather? WHAT? If you count ****** and ****** slightly under the weather! I thought I was going to die, ok??!? Just give me a bit of credit so they don't think I'm a wuss that stayed in bed and whined all day.) 

Back to my story.... 

We decided to eat lunch at a "Mexican" place and try to stave off a bit of our (my) cravings for a time. There was only one other set of people in there--perhaps because it was like 1130 and folks here don't eat until about 1300. The food wasn't bad--more like TexMex than the usual Mexican food we are used to. I'll look forward to some Baja Fresh (and some hole in the wall Mexican upon my return). 

We wandered around town a bit after that. We sauntered through an underground/indoor market thing that resembled those of a third-world country. It wasn't dirty or anything, just set up a bit differently than you'd normally see here. It reminded me of a lot of the market places around Romania. We didn't purchase anything, but we enjoyed it. We spent a bit of time browsing the other shops around town and found a few neat things. Sam got a super cute handbag and we purchased a couple little "thank you" gifts for Nathan and Nicole. Then it was on to a cute little coffee shop for a drink and a lemon cupcake (that we split). We wrote in our cards and put together our girfts (the people in the coffee shop shot a few strange looks at us, but we didn't mind a bit).

As soon as we left, it started raining--a lot. Awesome. Good thing we brought our umbrellas! I tried to cover the giftbags as best I could, so I was holding them precariously close to my face, which made for an awkward walk home. We got a bit wet--or a lot wet, but I kept the bags fairly dry. I was not a complete fail. 

When we got home, Nathan, Sam, and I watched a spot of Seinfeld--about three episodes--and laughed...a lot. Nicole listened in from the bedroom. We read for a bit ater that while Nathan slaved in the kitchen making bangers and mash--delicious!!! For those un-English out there, that means sausage and mashed potatoes. Yum!! After dinner we got into quite the interesting theological discussions about baptism and end times and church and denominations. Fascinating. We ended up the night with YouTube videos-- we probably should have stuck to theological discussions, but we had a few good laughs. 

Let's hope Nicole feels chipper in the morning. We have a tea to attend tomorrow if all goes well. And sadly, tomorrow is our last day. Weird. I will be sad. :::tear:::

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