Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moving Day.

Today was moving day. I dressed appropriately...

I had that lovely feeling in the pit of my stomach as I drove to Thompson--you know, the one you get when something is just not ok. I prayed and shed a few tears and geared up for what was ahead. My mom drove in a separate car (already packed with stuff from home to take to Warren), and we met Sam and Wes at Thompson. Unfortunately, my principal from last year was away at a meeting, but I got to say hi and goodbye to my secretary, VP, and counselor. It was quite difficult.

Luckily, the district had already moved most of my stuff, so we just had a few things to load into our cars before saying our final goodbye...

(Bye, bye Thompson :/ )

We caravanned over to Warren where I met my new secretary and custodian and got my keys. Good news, folks, I got the classroom I wanted (that was a bright spot in the day). We unloaded the cars with the help of my custodian (he's awesome--he already moved all my other stuff into my room for me) and moved all the stuff into my new classroom. To say that I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

(Before picture)

I seriously just stood there because I had no idea what to do or where to start. Insert awesome custodian again--he just started pulling down desks and lining them up and moving things around for me. As you can see in the picture above, the front two bulletin boards already have blue paper and border up--works for me. 

Sam started cleaning out some drawers, Sam and Mom unloaded some workbooks and notebooks and put them into a cupboard, Wes and I started opening boxes and taking stock of all of what I had. The bulletin board back by my desk was not covered, so Mom and I went to the office to get some paper and we covered it. I put a few things up, but we didn't stay too long because Mom has one of those lovely summer colds. 

We got a few things done, but it's still a huge mess and there's still SO much to do. Hopefully I'll put a good dent in it tomorrow and not remain too overwhelmed. 

Here's the bulletin board Mom and I put up today and the few pictures I arranged by my desk.

The dark blue bulletin boards were already there--the desks are now down. 

Still a MESS!

 I need to unpack ALL of these boxes....uggg.

Of course, I had to bring the giant Rainbow sandal even though I no longer have a beach theme. 

Tomorrow I shall unpack, arrange, hang posters, and try not to freak out. I'm pretty good at freaking out. 

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