Thursday, July 14, 2011

Packing... Unpacking... Repacking...

I JUST finished unpacking--yup, I got home Tuesday night and I just finished unpacking. This is how unpacking makes me feel:

And now....drumroll please.... I have to re-pack TOMORROW. Simply thinking about it makes me feel a little like this:

Just looking at my suitcase right now causes quite the anxiety--perhaps partly because I just lived out of it for three weeks, perhaps because I simply loathe it. In my world, it is not a good activiny (thanks Brian Regan). 

I'm trying to take it in stride because the result of the packing will be quite enjoyable (a week long cruise to Mexico thanks to my wonderful grandparents). I know, I know, you feel terribly sorry for me--not! It's just hard to believe that I just returned and now I'm turning around and leaving again. My head is still a bit foggy. A few more nights in my own bed would have been nice. I guess I'll have all the nights I want when I get back--more than I'll probably want actually. :) 

Upon my return, it will be back to work all too soon. I have to tear down my room, pack it up, and move it to a new school... but let's save that story for another night.... 

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