Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sunny Saturday in Sinaia

The alarm went off far too early this Saturday morning, but I knew Sinaia would be worth it.

We met the team at the train station at around 7:45 and waited to hear from which platform we'd be leaving. A few minutes later, platform ten flashed up on the board, so we headed that way. However, when we arrived at our train, our tickets said "Car 21" and there were only five cars there. Period. Pe bune?

We figured that maybe it meant car one or two, so we hopped on and hoped to find our seats. After a bit of hunting, we walked  toward the front of the train, past first class, and into cars beyond car five. What!? You added cars on us? Apparently so, because we happened upon "Car 21" and settled into our seats. Now, there weren't anywhere near 21 cars on the train, so I still have no idea why we were assigned to "Car 21," but we figured it out regardless.

Austin, Bailey, Leanne, and I ended up in a booth together, so we played a few rousing rounds of Uno. Actually, we played one "boring" round of regular Uno before switching over to Speed Uno. Far more fun!

When we arrived in Sinaia, the sky was blue, the sun was bright, and the air had a nice crisp breeze. We were beyond delighted! It is absolutely gorgeous up there, and it was delightful to be among the trees.

We journeyed up to the castle, only to happen upon a car show. At. The. Castle. Pe bune? Yah, the cars were cool and all, but there were So. Many. People. We (Marc) figured out where the tour line was since everything we knew was blocked off, and we got the team on their way to the castle tour.

Since we've both seen the castle a number of times, Marc and I decided to sit down in the shade and read--well, a bit of reading. A lot of people watching.

When the rest of the folk finished the castle meandering, we all did a bit of souvenir shopping before finding a quaint little Indian cafe for lunch. It was actually really delicious!

Fortunately, the train ride back was void of any hitches. I'm fairly certain most of us fell asleep. A nap around here is always welcome!

The heat and humidity hit us as we detrained, and I seriously wished we were back in the mountains. But, my people are in Bucharest, and I love my people. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to be here for a  week longer than planned. I can't even imagine going home this week.

Tomorrow is church and grocery shopping and laundry and rest (hopefully!).

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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