Friday, June 28, 2013

Imagine for a Moment...

This is a poem I wrote last year after returning from Romania. It was the only was I could process my thoughts and feelings and put them into words. This is still my heart....


Imagine for a moment…

A place where
The air is thick,                            
Darkness overcomes light,       
Oppression reigns.

In this place,
Abuse is rampant,          
Bodies are used, sold;     
Hope is lost.                        

In this nightmare,           
Loneliness abounds,       
Lost ones cry out,            
Morning never comes.

You can open your eyes.
You can wake up
From this nightmare.
But the orphans can’t.

Can you imagine this pain,
This hopelessness, this nightmare
As your reality?
They have to.

Now imagine for a moment…

A place where
The air is bright,
Light trumps darkness,
Christ reigns.

In this place,
Hugs and kisses heal,
Loving arms reach out,
Hope is found.

In this dream,
Love abounds,
Laughter rings out,
Mercies are new.

Open your eyes,
Picture their broken faces.
We can make this dream
Their reality.

Never forget their pain,
Their hopelessness, their nightmare.
We’re called make a difference.
We have to. 

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