Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday....Our Last Day... :(

Our last day.... 

As I'm sitting here typing,  Ky and I are watching a gnarly thunder and  lightening storm outside. It is INCREDIBLE! What a precious gift from God on our last night--a reminder of His power over this city, our world, our lives, and the lives of these children. I'm astounded by His love and power and mercy.

Just now the rain started...what a sweet sweet sound...pouring rain.

Ok, let's back up a bit...

Today we began the day  with our usual meeting, minus Eliza who was going to be a little late. Since she wasn't there to play the guitar, we sang acapella. It was awesome. As the meeting came to a close, we presented thank you cards and little gifts to the staff--one of the main reasons we went to the mall last night. It was a sweet time to spend showing our appreciation for them--they are truly amazing people. 

The kids from #7 apartments came shortly after that and we took them to  the park. We played Hungry Hippo, Steal the Bacon, Dodgeball, and Soccer (and when I say "we", I mean Ky and the kids--we "older ladies" were not able to participate.) :)

We came back to the office for lunch, followed by some water games--Ky and I both participated in these and had a blast (and got a bit wet). When the water games were finished, we all lined up for a group picture on the back porch. And, lo and behold, buckets of water were poured down upon us from above. Luckily, I was mostly under cover, and Geanina (who came back today!) quickly pulled me inside, so I only got a bit wet. 

Bogdan debriefed with us for a while in the afternoon, and then Eliza took Ky and me to the Christian bookstore. We told her that we needed to pick up something quickly, but in  reality, the ladies were back at the office decorating and preparing for her surprise bridal shower!!!

Everything went so smoothly! She was so surprised!!! Some of the staff stayed and Eliza's sister Anna came. We played games, opened gifts, ate dinner, shared stories, and prayed over her. Toward the end, Eliza and I got some good quality time to just sit on the couch and talk--my favorite thing. It was such a sweet, sweet time--one that I will always remember. 

And then the hard part came... the girls had to leave. I couldn't hold back my tears (I've been so good so far). It was just so hard to say goodbye to them. They have been such an encouragement and blessing to me and I'm going to miss them so very much. But, thank God for technology and Facebook and iMessage!!! I know we'll keep in touch!

Then it was on to packing...

...and now the thunder storm.

We have to leave for the airport in less than five hours, but I just can't bring myself to try to sleep. It's so hard to say goodbye..

Please pray for safe travels and a smooth transition back home. Pray that our passion and hearts for Romania won't dwindle at all. Pray that God will continue to do a mighty work in this country and in our lives. 

Thank you!

Isus te iubeste si te iubesc! 

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