Friday, July 5, 2013

Life is Beautiful.

As I was driving home today--in traffic, trying not to nod off--and my phone wouldn't function (my usual source of music), I remembered that I had one CD in my car--the soundtrack to October Baby.

So, instead of freaking out or falling asleep, I listened to the album. One song in particular stood out to me: Life is Beautiful.

New year's dreams, a toast with friends
A soldier coming home from war
A faith, a hope, so much more
A brand new life, a mother's prayer
Shooting stars, ocean air
A lover's kiss, hard goodbyes
Fireworks, Christmas lights

These are the things
That make us feel alive
These are the times
That make us realize

Life is beautiful

Life is messy, unpredictable, frustrating, heart wrenching, unfair, emotional, wonderful....beautiful. 

Good friends gathered for a wedding.....beautiful. 

Tears streaming down faces during worship....beautiful. 

Babies being born, babies laughing, babies crying ....beautiful. 

Physically aching because I had to say goodbye to dear friends in Romania....beautiful. 

My little cousin falling asleep in my lap during the 4th of July fireworks....beautiful. 

Christmas everything...beautiful. 

These are the things that came to mind as I listened to the song, but there are so many more moments, so much of life that is beautiful.

It is beautiful that we can love so much that we feel it physically.

It is beautiful that we can miss someone so much that we can feel it physically.

It is beautiful that we can care so much that we're driven to righteous anger and a passion to fight for justice.


How is it beautiful to you?? 

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