Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday (or Friday Eve!).

Thursday already? It hardly seems possible....

Half of  our team left early this morning, and it was super sad to see them go. We're really  going to miss them!

Today was quite different than any day we've had so far. We stayed at the office today and the children came to us. Now that many of the children are in social apartments, it is easier for them to travel to the office rather than the staff trying to go to them.

In the  morning we had children from social apartments #6 come to the office. These were new faces, and it was a joy to get to know them. We played games (we introduced them to LCR and they LOVED it!), sang songs, painted more spoons, and I shared my story. I loved being able to share my heart with these little ones and remind them that it is God that created them. It is God that is their Father. And, it is God who loves them far beyond any human could. 

In the afternoon, some older children came to the office--ones that we have seen before--and  it was SO great to reconnect with them. Geanina even came back, and I was overjoyed. We did more of the same with the kids this afternoon with the exception of RaeAnn (the woman who does everything!) who cut a couple of the girls' hair. It was seriously amazing to watch. They've most likely never  had  their hair cut by a person who is licensed, and it was difficult for them to sit still, but it was obvious  that they felt so special and so cared for. It's  incredible to watch such a simple thing make such a big difference.

After the children left and we consumed more of Mama's amazing cooking, Angela took the five of us back to Old Town for some gelato. YUM. We, of course, shared our highs and lows and a few more laughs. It was a beautiful night, so we quite enjoyed our time outdoors. 

Tomorrow we will go back to Tei (the day center for little kids). I'm praying that I'll get to see Rebeca, the dear girl who I connected with last year (she's probably on some of your fridges too!). In the afternoon, another group of kids will come to the office. I'm quite looking forward to it. :)

Thanks for your prayers! Here are a few requests if you think of it:

* Pray that the other half of our team gets home safely and adjusts well to life back home.

* Pray for us physically--for mom's knee and my feet (they are getting weary) and any other ailments.

* Pray for deep connections as we spend the next few days with the children. Pray that we'll be open to the Holy Spirit and that the children will see God in us and experience Him in a new way. 

Isus te iubeste si te iubesc! 

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