Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Adventture Begins...

Our Romania aventure began with a lovely trip  to the airport--traffic free!

Titus (a Romanian believer) helped us with our luggage from the car  into LAX. How cool is  that!?!

The check in dude didn't even look at the scale when he "weighed" our luggage.

Everything was going smoothly...


...the screaming THREE YEAR OLD on the plane. Yes, screaming, not crying. Talk about not being able to sleep. It. WAS. PAINFUL!!!

Bur, we made it--with all of our luggage!!!

We went to bed around 3:45 am (ridiculous) and slept peacefully until a little after 10. It was awesome.

We lounged around a bit this morning, went with Angela (the intern) to get Fornetti (favorite!), and hung out and played Dutch Blitz for a while until some of the girls arrived for a girls' Bible study.

Angela, Flori, and Denisa volunteer their time on Saturday to hold a Bible study for a group of 11 girls. They aren't  believers to our knowledge, but they are curious and HUNGRY for the gospel! It was amazing to interact with them, connect with them, and share our hearts with them. Ky, RaeAnn, and Chelsea all shared their stories with the girls and the girls responded so well with great questions. They then shared some memory verses with us in Romanian and ENGLISH! I was amazed. It's our goal now to learn a verse in Romanian to share with them!! Wendi closed out the Bible study by touching  each girl and praying specifically over each one. Incredible. I know God is and will continue doing amazing  things in their lives! Pray for these dear girls!

After some pictures and sweet goodbyes, Victor and Angela took us to Old Town for dinner and dessert. I love Old Town! And I love Papanas! We shared our highs and lows of the  day and enjoyed being all together for the first day.

It is so exciting to be back. I love connecting with the CTL workers whom I adore. I can't wait  to spend some more time with the kids and hopefully reconnect with some of the ones I got to know last year.

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement! Love you all!

Isus te Iubeste (Jesus loves you)!

Some of the girls from the girls' Bible study.

Our team in Old Town.

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