Monday, June 24, 2013

aMAzing Monday!

I have a bad case of the Mondays...simply because I don't want to leave!

Disclaimer: I'm sorry to disappoint, but this post won't be nearly as humorous as yesterday's. 

On with it...

We got to spend  the entire day today with children from the #6 apartments--so fun!

This morning we met them at the  mall so  that we could take them  bowling! Like I said, SO FUN! The  kids had a blast! Ok, ok, we did too! Not a whole lot of language is needed when you are yelling names, cheering each other on, and giving high fives. Precious  moments, let me tell you. One of my favorite parts of the whole day was toward the end of our bowling session when I asked little Valentina to bowl with me. She had been sitting and observing all morning, but didn't want to play. I grabbed her little hand, handed her a light ball, and had her roll it down the lane. On her first try, she knocked down nine pins. The joy on her face was indescribable. We cheered and hugged  and  high fived. From that moment on, Vali took all of  my turns for me. It was adorable!!!

After bowling I experienced my second high of the day--seeing the apartment  where CTL will house their six little girls come fall. As it is now, CTL works with a  TON of children in government run orphanages and social living apartments. But, in October, CTL will get to take six little girls out of the system and raise them as their own in an apartment--free from abuse, corruption, trafficking, etc. and filled with love and compassion and Jesus. This is a HUGE answer to prayer, it is so exciting to think of all that God will do in the lives of these children as they are being raised by the CTL staff. My heart was overjoyed and overwhelmed as I walked through the rooms of this apartment and imagined the life these little girls  will now be  able to live. God is doing a mighty work here, and I am confident that this apartment and these six girls are just the beginning of amazing things to come.

In the afternoon, we sang, played games, and hung out with the kids from the #6 apartments. It was sad to see them go this afternoon. I don't even like to think about leaving... 

After hanging out for a bit at the ministry center, Angela and Victor took us to the mall for a few last minute things. Angela wanted to go to one bus stop and  Victor wanted to go to another. So, guess what? We ended up walking the ENTIRE way to the mall! Apparently Victor's bus stop "had moved"....and, we didn't stop giving Victor a hard time the entire way--poor guy. :) It's ok, though, we enjoyed hanging out and being together. 

Now it's  far too late and I'm far too tired  to go on. I must say noapte buna (goodnight), but before I do, let me share  a few prayer requests  with you:

* Pray for the girls that will move into the CTL apartment in October and the staff that will raise them. Pray that God will do mighty things in their lives. 

* Pray for funds to come in so that CTL may buy their own property and build their own campus to raise more kids in the future. We're dreaming big in faith because our God is big and capable of miracles. 

* Pray for our last day--pray that we'll maximize our time, share God's love and encouragement, and connect more deeply to the children and the staff. 

Thank you for your continued prayer and support. 

Isus te iubeste si te iubesc!

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