Sunday, June 16, 2013


We began the day with the metro, the tram, and two of our favorite ladies--Angela and Denisa--at Adi's church. 

I absolutely LOVE worshipping the  Lord in English and Romanian. It's incredible to be reminded to open our eyes and realize that our God is not just the God of America, but the God of the entire universe. He loves hearing His children worship Him in every language (whether or not we're good at speaking it). Our God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, America, Romania, and the ends of the earth.

Adi preached an incredible sermon  on Mark 3--where Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath. Afterward, the crowds gathered to receive healing from him while the demons fell down before him and cried out "You are the Son of God." The demons recognize Jesus for who he is, but we, like the crowds, so often focus simply on just what Jesus means to US, rather  than bowing down and worshipping Him for who He is. It was an excellent reminder, especially as we embark on this week of ministry. Jesus is the God of the universe, not our personal toolbox... 

After church, we went to the mall for lunch--spicy chicken strips and garlic sauce. Yespleaseandthankyou. I love KFC here! (I hate it at home). :) We  wandered around the mall for a short bit, and were tempted to ride the roller coaster, but we decided against it. 

Denisa and Angela took us to an incredible park after that before we journeyed on home to pizza at the ministry center. 

Our evening consisted of a short meeting, lots of laughs, our highs and lows of the day, and a couple rounds of "Heads Up"--love that game!

Tomorrow we'll start our first week of ministry. I am so excited to reconnect with all of the staff and serve alongside them!

Thanks again for all of your prayers. Here are a few things you can  be praying for if you think about it:

* Attitudes-- pray that we'll serve each other intentionally and do everything without grumbling.

* Health--feet, knees, tummies, throats, etc. :)

* Divine Appointments (as John Penrose likes to say)--pray that we'll be attentive and  obedient to the Holy Spirit, letting him guide our actions and our words as we serve. 

* Open hearts--for the staff, the children, and ourselves. Pray that God will do big things in and through us. 

Isus te iubeste si te iubesc!

Our team near Romania's Arch.

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Anonymous said...

Amy and team: thanks for the Sunday update. I am praying for your team daily. I don't like to pray that God will show up because I am reminded that HE is omnipresent.I am praying that your team will have the eyes and heart of Jesus for every child they see and touch. And every child will experience the presence of our Lord through the Love and compassion you show to HIS children. What an honor to be the hands and feet of our Lord and Savior..... JESUS!!!