Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday--The One Time I Don't Like Friday....

Everybody loves a Friday....especially this one.....but I don't like it because it means that our time here is getting shorter. :(

I don't mind waking up to my alarm clock here because I know that in a short time, I'll be seeing some of my favorite people in the world, listening to God's word, and worshipping together. I'm going to miss this so much when I go home...

This morning we traveled back to Tei. As hot and tiring as public transportation can be, it is a great time to get to know the staff better and make sweet memories. I love every opportunity I have to connect with them. When we got to Tei, the children were so excited to see us. I got to see Rebeca (my sweet girl from last year) and I was so excited. I gave her a picture I had of the two of us and she  was quite surprised. It was a joy to see her again and love on her. We sang songs, children recited Bible verses (that was incredible!), and we played on the bounce house and the trampoline. I love hearing their belly laughs and seeing the joy on their faces when they get to let loose and just play as little kids should with people surrounding them that deeply love them. When one child's turn was up on the trampoline, the kids wanted to count to 10 in English to signal the end of  their turn. Something that simple brought them so much joy. One of the youngest ones (an absolute doll!) even practiced counting to 10 in
English with me. I have it on video, so ask me about  it when you see me!

A couple of the older boys from one of the social apartments came to help us at Tei today, and it was such an encouragement to see them interact with the kids and help wherever there was a need.

In the afternoon, some older kids came to the ministry center and we played team building games and interacted with them for quite a while. It's been great to see some of the same faces multiple days in a row and really connect with some of these dear children. RaeAnn cut some more hair, and Ky and I dried and straightened some. They loved it!

After the children left, Angela took us back to Uniri to a Christian book store to pick up a few things--CDs, t-shirts, wall art, etc., and then we walked around the mall a bit. It's quite exhausting to go out at night (especially for Mama and her bum knee), but it's so nice to be out seeing the town and experiencing as much as we can in the short time that we're here. We can rest when we get home (well, most of us), so I say we just soak it all in!

We enjoyed another amazing meal prepared by Mama Maria when we returned home, relaxed a bit while telling stories and highs and lows, and FaceTimed the Wanner girls. We miss them so much already!

Tomorrow we'll get to help out with Little Explorers (a Bible study for younger kids) in the morning and the girls' Bible study in the afternoon. I'm really looking forward to seeing the older girls again!

As you can probably tell, the days are long and can be exhausting, but they are filled with such joy and love. It is easy to see God's hand whenever we go, and the work that this CTL staff does everyday is overwhelmingly amazing. They are true examples of salt and light and true religion--taking care of widows and orphans. I love them all dearly. 

Prayer Requests:

* CTL staff--praying for God's wisdom and discernment as they plan and interact with the children. Pray that God will fill them to overflowing with His love and grace so  that they may love the children every day. Pray for strength as  they give so much of themselves each day. 

* Divine Appointments--pray that seeds are planted. Pray that our stories may touch these precious hearts. Pray that we'll make the most out of the next few days and be open to the Spirit. 

Thank you so much for your  prayers and support!

Isus te iubeste si te iubesc! 

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