Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let the Countdowns Begin!

What am I looking forward to in the upcoming days, months, years? Read on!

How many days until:

3--Long Beach. I get to go with our AVID classes to CSULB. I'm excited to show these kiddos my college and share some of my memories with them. Not to mention, we get to go to the aquarium afterward!

32--Kiddos' last day of school. I can't believe it--it feels like the year just started.

33--I leave for Romania! Read more about my trip here!

68--Mama and I head out to Washington D.C. and New York. I am so so so so excited. What MUST we do while we're there?? Comment and let me know!

86--American Idol tour. Well, we haven't purchased tickets yet, but it seems like a good idea. Right? Anyone want to go? :)

88--THE OLYMPICS!!!!!!! This is the part where I will not leave the house, not answer my phone, and not turn on the computer. :::obsessed::: Read more about my obsession here!

313--Brother's wedding! I CANNOT wait for this day!!! Read more about him and his awesome fiance here!

What are YOU looking forward to in the upcoming days, months, years?

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