Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Segs on the Beach!

I'm not making that phrase up--it's the catch phrase of GW Tours in Huntington Beach where we had the pleasure of riding segs on the beach!

As if riding up in a hot air balloon was not enough, we decided to go on a little segway off-roading adventure.


Our tour guide told us to strike a pose when the camera came out--I took him a little too seriously...

We got to go "off roading" on the sand--so cool!

This is the only dude that fell--and he made it happen about three times... yup. 

He told us to strike poses--I was only following directions.

And down the grassy knoll we ride!

And slalom through the trees we must!

And then it was out to "south central." I was told to flash a gang sign--again, I was only following directions! 

And here I am, apparently about to get hit by a car--I didn't even realize it until I saw this picture. :)

We did it! ....mostly without falling...

We had an excellent time! I'd highly recommend GW tours if any of your adventurous sides are itching to come out. Hope you enjoyed the snapshots! 

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