Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quite Like, Rather Dislike, Round 1

Yes, Nicole, I stole your title--isn't copying one of the highest forms of flattery? (Read the post that inspired mine here!) Because Nicole is just so cool and her posts are so entertaining to read, I decided to try one of my own.

Quite Like:

Panda Express--it has become my tradition to get a Panda bowl for lunch every Friday, but let's be honest, I could eat it far more often... (aaaand I'm pretty sure they all know me now). :)

My Bleach Pen Tee--how can you not love a super soft, super comfy tee with your own design? Seriously, I'm pretty sure I wear it at least once a week. And, I'll admit, I purchased a few more V-neck men's undershirts today to bleach. They'll be great for Romania (andeveryotherdayoftheyear), right? (Read about my first bleach pen tee here!).

My bed--'nough said.

Rather Dislike:

My Black Steering Wheel--I discovered it just today! Ok, I'm sure I knew that it was black before today, but I FELT it for the first time today. Welcome to summer, Bakersfield! You Bakersfieldians know how it is--take my breath away and drive with the tips of two fingers until the air kicks on hot! Must--get--windshield--screen-NOW! Ouch...

Yes, that does say 98 degrees. :/

Shorts Season--sooo not ready for it. It's not just that I dislike wearing shorts or shopping for them, but I really don't like seeing OTHERS wear them! I can seriously do without your butt cheeks peeking out with every step, your larger than usual thighs making your shorts creep up into the unknown, and your muffin top spilling over the stretched out fabric. Gross. And those who are thin enough to wear short shorts? You still aren't leaving enough up to the imagination, (so to speak) and it ain't pretty! 

Inconsiderate People--welcome to Earth. The world does not revolve around you. 'Nough said. 

Hope you enjoyed my stolen-title-post. Shall I write more in the future?

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