Sunday, February 5, 2012

She said YES!

Who knew that a simple poll the family took last Easter would end in a proposal?

Polly couldn't join us last Easter because she was celebrating with her family, so Scotty had to endure loads of questions about when he was going to propose. The family informed him that if he didn't make it happen soon, they'd take Polly and get rid of him. ;) Laura (I believe) scribbled out this poll and started passing it around the room. It ended with Scott who chuckled and said that Polly would appreciate it. Unbeknownst to us, Polly kept that little slip of paper, and Scott went and retrieved it last week while Polly was at work.

With much planning and some help from his roommates and friends, Scott convinced Polly to go to Malibu yesterday to "meet some friends for lunch." They walked on the beach for a few minutes, and Scott dropped that little slip of paper. Only something was different--he had added his tally mark as well. That's when he said some amazingly fabulous things and asked Polly to marry him. She said yes--of course!

Meanwhile, the family had gathered at the house in Hermosa where Polly now lives with her sister, brother-in-law, and soon to arrive niece and nephew.

 The grandparents

 Polly's parents

Allison, Jason, Blake, and Natalie

We set up a "shrine" (as Polly later called it) for them...

Complete with personalized M&Ms--Polly's favorite candy--in Pepperdine colors

Polly thought that she was only coming by to see Allison and Jason, so she was quite surprised when she walked in and saw all of us. Scott thought it was great....

LOVE their faces here!

We spent the next couple of hours eating, reliving the engagement, toasting, laughing, and celebrating.

 Scotty showing off the ring box

 Show us how you did it, Scotty!



I'm eating the faces of my brother and new sister

And, as if we hadn't had enough to eat already, we ended the evening with some Mexican food. :)

Polly was practicing her new signature 

Scott and Polly, I am SO happy for you! Thanks for letting us share in this special day. I couldn't have asked for a better sister-in-law. Erickson family, good work on getting the ball rolling with the ring poll--who knew it'd have such a special part of this day. 

Now on to some wedding planning! 


Polly said...


This was so sweet. Scott and i had a great time reading your blog post and reliving the engagement together. thank you for making yesterday extra special. I feel so blessed to have you as my future sister-in-law.



Nicole Krouse said...

Love it! Congrats Polly and Scott!