Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why I’m NOT on E-Harmony (or any other dating site)

I get asked this question a lot: why don’t you join (insert dating site here)?

The simple answer—I don’t want to.

So, of course, that answer is always followed up with more questions…

Do I think there’s something wrong with online dating? Not if you do it with wise discretion, no. I’ve known lots of people who have done it and are happily married or happily dating, and I’m seriously so happy for them.

Am I afraid of it? Nope, I wouldn’t say I’m afraid. I would say that it just doesn’t appeal to me.

Why doesn’t it appeal to you? I’m not a “dater.”

Why aren’t you a “dater?” Don’t know. I never really was. I’m not opposed to dating (I've even told a few people lately to feel free to set me up if they come across anyone that'd be a good match), I’ve just never made it a practice to get to know or go out with multiple or many (or any) guys.

Then how are you ever going to get married? Only God knows that one.

And then I get the typical response—don’t you think God could use something like online dating to introduce you to your future husband?

Of course I think he could! I know He could. 

However, I also don’t think that e-harmony is the end all.  God can use e-harmony. God can also use whatever method He wants. He is God…

Well, what if your future husband is on e-harmony and you miss out on him? Really? REALLY? You really think that because I don’t go on e-harmony, I’ll miss out on my husband. Please.

Don’t you think you have to put yourself out there? God’s not just going to drop the perfect man on your doorstep. You know what? He just may. I’ve seen it happen. (He basically dropped Nathan on Nicole's doorstep. You can read more about them here). 

So I go back to my “simple answer”—I just don’t want to.

This isn’t to say that I will always have that response. Maybe God will change my heart one day. Maybe God will use an online dating site to introduce me to my future husband (in the future). But, until I “want to,” until God prompts me to do that, I’m perfectly content to wait and trust in his perfect timing.

Only God knows what the future holds...


....being set up by a friend or family member

...meeting someone at church doorstep

Two things are for certain, God is sovereign, and I'll keep you posted. :) 

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Eliza said...

Amy, you are hilarious!

And so cute. I love your blog!