Friday, August 12, 2011


This morning, Christy, Cathie, and I went back to Thompson (sad) to meet with Diane (my teaching partner from last year) to snag some files off of her computer (yes!). After talking with her more and remembering a lot of what we talked about and planned last year, I began to feel a bit better. Now I'll just need to sit down with my team, take what I have and mesh it with what they do, and come up with a solid plan. I'll feel much much better when that's all figured out.

We jetted over to Actis (Cathie's school) to unload some boxes and put Diane's files from my flashdrive onto Cathie's computer. This is collaboration folks! Three schools working together? I'm pretty sure the PLC people would be proud...

Then it was on to Baja Fresh and Talbots (for some good teacher pants) and GW (the teacher store). Christy and I picked up a few gems that we just couldn't live without (see pictures below) and headed out to Warren.

Here are some of the ch ch ch changes we made to my room...

 I moved the "hello in different languages" signs from the side cupboards to the tall cupboards--I like them much much better over here. 

 Christy and I both got this figurative language poster at GW. She put it up in the front of the room for me after moving the picture below.

Christy moved this picture from the wall to the counter by the TV.

 I also got these parts of speech posters at GW. I LOVE them! I'm beginning to feel more like an English teacher now that I have some more academic posters up. 

My schedule!! It's difficult to make these super straight without a yard stick. We did the best we could. It looks better in person--I see a few crooked lines in the picture. We didn't have enough of one color (and I wasn't about to go buy anymore) so we used green and white. Christy said it looked like a football field--hence the "field goal" writing on the right. Oh, and why is Friday red, you ask? Well, because Friday is always a red letter day! ....or....maybe because I ran out of white and green, but no one else needs to know that. :) 

Oh, and I even walked into the office with confidence and made a few copies. I just may be ok, people.... 

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