Saturday, August 6, 2011

i heart audio books...

Who knew? I never thought I'd enjoy listening to books on tape. I love reading books, not listening to them...or so I thought.

I kept seeing a commercial for and how I could receive two free audio books for going to or by clicking here. How could I pass up free? So, I checked it out. It's related to Amazon, so I just signed in with my Amazon info, picked two books, and they automatically downloaded into my itunes. I was able to then plug my phone into my computer, sync it, and start listening.

I purchased The Help...

and Soul Surfer. I started listening to The Help  right away and I fell in love with it! Not only is it an incredible book, but I get to listen to it in all the amazing Southern accents! LOVE IT! 

I never knew how often an audio book would come in handy: the gym, driving, cleaning, getting ready in the morning, cooking, getting things done around the house, going through the mail, etc. etc. etc. I love listening to this book....have I said that before? My mom finds it humorous that I walk around the house holding my phone listening to these amazing accents....I find it...well, amazing. 

Do it, people, seriously! It's can you not? Even though I canceled my membership right after I purchased these books, I'm sure I'll go back and sign up for a membership because I'm a huge fan--huge. 

What else might I add to the list of what I can listen to while I do my daily tasks? Hmm...perhaps some C.S. Lewis, John Piper, the classics...the possibilities are endless. 

Ok, stop reading and go click on that link and enjoy this as I have. Let me know what gems you find so that I can add them to my collection! Deal? Deal. 

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