Friday, August 12, 2011

Groups: Revisited

I believe I found a configuration that I like--a mix between rows and groups. Christy and Cathie were at school with me yesterday and we played with the desks for quite some time before figuring out what might work....

 (Christy acting like a sleeping or bored Junior Higher)

(Cathie trying to revive my prehistoric computer)

Now everyone is facing the front; yet, they can easily whip their desks (or bodies) around for group discussion. I think it should work--but, we'll have to wait and see! What do you think?


Nathan and Nicole said...

The ones on the right are going to have to move them to get in and out. Will that work? Sorry if I'm being a killjoy.

aerickson said...

Ya, I had them like this all last year, and I just taught them how to do it. After complaining once and me making a huge deal out of how easy it is, they were fine. :)