Monday, August 29, 2011

Observations: Part Two

The second Monday of the year is done. Deep breath in and out. And now for some more observations (in no particular order):

1. Mondays make me feel like I'm running a marathon...ALL. DAY. LONG. Why is that? I'm not a fan.

2. I do love my job, but it doesn't really make waking up at 5:45 easier every morning. That alarm clock is not my friend.

3. Junior high children  boys should not wear jeans and sweatshirts when it's over 100 degrees outside. My room SMELLS! Just sayin'...

4. I am getting used to the diversity at my new school, and I'm quite enjoying it. It'll do me good to learn about some new cultures.

5. Some of my kids are more well traveled than I am. Wow. I assigned them a five paragraph essay about themselves last week and I found out some amazing things. I have kids who were born in the Philippines, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Uganda, etc. Many of my kids traveled to these places and beyond this summer.

6. I went to junior high with the big sister of one of my students--small world!

7. I have a fly ninja in my class--last week he caught a fly in between his thumb and forefinger; today he smashed and killed another one on his desk.

8. I still (miraculously) have some energy left to go to the gym in the afternoons--let's pray this continues.

9. I feel slightly more confident now that I've taught this same curriculum before. Last year I felt like I had to make up everything as I went along because I had never done it before. This year I, surprisingly, don't have that panic (yet). I wonder how great it'll feel after I've taught for years and years.

10. We get our textbooks tomorrow (yeah!), and I'll begin the Gateways program the following day. This is a whole new curriculum that I'll do with one of my sections of kids. Pray that I'll handle it well and be able to do right by the kids.

11. I had to stop what I was doing twice today to control my laughter. I have some funny kids. Unfortunately, I also have a bad memory, and I can't remember why now. I'll have to get back to you on that one. :)

Hope you enjoyed the Monday observations. There shall be many more to come.

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Schelly Thompson said...

Gotta love the laughter!