Sunday, June 7, 2015

Romania and Jack Jack

I know I haven't written much on here lately, but my hope is to keep you all updated on our Romania adventures via the blog--adventures which will begin in FOUR (almost THREE) short days!

Those who have known me for any amount of time, know that Romania holds such a dear part of my heart. Yesterday, as I was scrolling through my Timehop app (it's awesome--go get it!), I came across this post from three years ago:

Who knew clipping fingernails could make such a difference... 

Three years ago, yesterday, I was in Rehab (an orphanage for disabled children), and I spent the day with a little boy that I fell completely in love with. His name is Valentin, but we fondly refer to him as Jack Jack (because he resembles the mouse from Cinderella). As my team took the rest of the kids from Rehab to the park, I stayed at the orphanage with Jack--holding him, loving him, trying to move and exercise his stiff arms and legs, feeding him, and clipping his fingernails. You see, the poor baby had cuts all over his face and neck from scratching himself with his long, jagged fingernails. A task that took less than a few minutes made all the difference to that sweet boy. I remember holding him and being so angry that he didn't have a mother to clip his fingernails, being so confused that someone could give this sweet boy away, yet trusting that our God loved him more than I could ever imagine. I had to trust that God would continue to take care of him, even after I left.

Fast forward three years: Jack Jack is now in a private-run orphanage with workers that love and adore him. He is sitting up, laughing, and moving. I praise God for the progress this dear little one has made. I praise God for taking care of this baby that I hated to leave. I'm not sure if I'll get to see Jack Jack on this trip, but I can rest in the assurance that he's being loved and cared for.

And, I look forward with great anticipation to all the sweet little (and big) ones that I'll get to see and love on in a few short days. Please be praying for all of us during this journey. I've been posting quotes from Bob Goff's book, Love Does on my Instagram and Facebook along with a list of prayer requests. Please check them out if you haven't already.

Thanks for going on this journey with us. We couldn't do it without the love and support from all of you!

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