Monday, June 15, 2015

Why Must Mondays Always be Overwhelming?

I am beyond exhausted, so I'll try to make this quick. :)

Today was wonderful, heart-warming, encouraging, challenging, heart-breaking, and discouraging all in one. 

To go from holding a little girl from Rehab all the way to the park and McDonalds as she giggled, played with my hair, and said my name over and over, to getting caught in a rain storm, to learning the dark reality of what some of the older girls experienced just last night is just too overwhelming to process and try to share right now. 

These kids are receiving an incredible amount of love from the CTL staff (and we've loved being a small part of that), but what meets them after the staff leaves is dark and evil and ugly. Please keep praying for these precious ones. 

Please also pray for rest and strength for us as we're continuing our long days with little sleep. May we be open to all that God has for us and continue to be his hands and feet in Romania. 

I'll try to be a bit more thorough tomorrow. Noapte buna!

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Polly Erickson said...

Love you, Amy! Praying for you.