Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday and Frozen

How can it be over already? The weeks seem to go faster each year I'm here. I hate goodbyes. I had to do a few too many of those today.

We began today with the Home of Hope girls and some kids from Tei.

Some highlights:

* FaceTiming with Aimee and Brooke so they could see the staff and the kids. Bibi wouldn't stop kissing the phone when we were talking to Brooke. It was the sweetest thing.

* The little kids putting Frozen tattoos all over us. I pretty much never want to scrub them off.

* Taking pictures of the Home of Hope girls in their matching blue dresses.

* Hearing belly laughs from the little ones. Best sound ever! 

After lunch, the kids from the #7 social apartments came to the office. This was the first time we've been with these kids this week, but there were a few of them that I've known from past years, so it was so great to see them. 

Some highlights:

* Playing Around the World with some of the guys out back. 

* See Larisa, Vio, and Carmen again. 

* Performing our skit for the last time. I'm a pretty awesome storm, if I do say so myself. 

* The kids asking some great questions after Brandon's testimony.

* Dutch Blitz with Florina (and the kids, of course, but Florina is the funniest). 

* Painting the fingernails of the girls (although I'm pretty terrible at it). 

After saying our goodbyes (wah!), we headed out with Marc, Delia, and Bogdan to dinner at City Grill. I quite enjoyed the Mici, the laughs, the live (English) music, and the great conversation. I'm seriously going to miss these people. Now we're back at the office enjoying a bit of time before crashing and heading to the mountains tomorrow for some debriefing time.

Thanks for your continued prayers. 


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