Sunday, June 28, 2015

I Must Never Forget...

...the way Stefi played with my hair and said my name over and over as I held her on the way to the park and McDonalds.

...Flori's story from the night prior and how very broken my heart was as I heard it. 

...the way Bibi kissed my phone and wouldn't stop giggling as we FaceTimed Brooke. 

...Little Rabbit's belly laugh as I sang to him, tickled him, and "stole" his nose. 

...Stefan's incredibly sweet heart as he held up the music lyrics for me to sing during worship.

...Gabi and Cristina's joy in seeing Mama and me again and finally being able to speak to us in English. Larisa would not leave my side the entire afternoon. 

...Florina's joyful laugh as we played Dutch Blitz with the kids.

...the absolute joy of reconnecting with former CTL staff members and current dear friends. team and the sweet memories we shared--including the rain storm in Sinaia. 

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