Monday, June 20, 2016

Trains and Blitz and Ester, Oh My!

Our morning began a bit strangely as our metro train pulled into the station, stopped for a few minutes, didn't open its doors, and then proceeded to exit backward for no apparent reason. Pe bune? Fortunately, another train arrived a few minutes later and we were able to get on with our day.

Today we had kids from the Family Program and Pinocchio over to the ministry center. Most of them were there all day since today is a holiday in Romania and there was no school. I got to see my Gabi already yesterday (yes, Mom, she's mine when you're not here), so I was delighted to see my sweet Cristina today. I've known these girls for years now, and it has been such a blessing to watch them grow up and mature in their faith and in life. Unfortunately, Cristina recently broke her ankle, so she is in a cast and quite limited in what she can do. Please be praying for her! Gabi also has a few major exams coming up in order to enter high school, so please be praying for her as well. For those of you who don't know these girls, you can find their picture on my FB.

Today consisted of countless games of Dutch Blitz, Tenzi, Spoons, LCR....I could go on and on. As we were playing at one point (probably when I was losing at Dutch Blitz), I just sat and thought about what an amazing thing it is that these kids have a SAFE place to just come PLAY and be KIDS--not to mention learn about Christ. I would have loved to have a place when I was there age where I could go and just play with other kid and be loved on by trustworthy adults, and I didn't face anything CLOSE to what these kids face on a daily basis. Of course they love coming to the ministry center and being fed by CTL (mentally, spiritually, and physically!). What this Romanian staff does on a daily basis is beyond incredible and selfless.

The team that is here did the program for the day--a story, lesson, and some games about Ester. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. The team, however, only told the first part of the story, so hopefully the kids will want to come back for more!

After the kids left today, I headed downtown to meet my dear friend Delia (who just happens to be Bogdan's wife) for dinner. We had a great time of fellowship and catching up. She has always been a great encouragement and support to me, and I was so blessed by our time together.

I'm praying for more opportunities with more friends while I'm here. Keeping these relationships going is so important to me. It's not only about serving the kids, but also serving those who serve the kids on a daily basis. They are the ones we need to truly pour into.

Again, thanks for your encouragement, support, and prayers--not only for me, but for this incredible ministry. Noapte buna!

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