Friday, June 17, 2016


Week one of ministry is now complete. It was great to work so closely with the staff this week. A team arrives tomorrow (well, at midnight tonight), so things will be a bit different the next two weeks--the adventures never cease!

This morning we took three of the girls from Home of Hope (Ana was at school) and some of the kids from Tei to the park. They rollerbladed, went on the swings, scootered around, chased each other and us, climbed all up and down the equipment, and played a bit of futbol. Although it was quite warm (read: hot and sweaty), I had a blast playing with them and sitting back at times to watch them play. Their little giggles and their purely joyful smiles absolutely warmed my heart. As we were walking out of the park, Daniel started yelling "Romania" with a beat type chant afterward. All of the little ones started chanting along with him, and it was seriously hilarious. Even the passers by chucked at their ridiculous cuteness. If you haven't already, check out the few pictures I posted from this morning.

After lunch, Bailey and I went with Nelu to take the girls back to the apartment. I'm fairly certain I laughed more in those few minutes than I have in quite some time. Nelu played a few English songs that the girls knew and we sang and danced and laughed hysterically. I loved every minute of it. I'm quite excited to see them again.

This afternoon, the kids from the #7 Social Apartments came to the ministry center. For those who are unaware, #7 used to be an orphanage, but when it was closed down, the kids were split up into smaller groups and placed in apartments. One of girls that I've known for a few years recently broke her elbow, so she showed up in a giant cast. Hopefully she'll be able to get it off in a few weeks seeing as how she's a ballerina and really needs the use of her arm. She wasn't able to play Dutch Blitz (or many of the other games), but she could play Tenzi, so we had a lot of fun with that. If you've never played it, look it up on Amazon. It's a blast! After some singing with Ana and a lesson with Nelu, we played a few games outside involving water, and you can only imagine what happened when we were finished with the games. ☺️ However, being splashed felt quite good, so I didn't mind it a bit.

After saying goodbye to the kids and staff, Bailey and I headed home--but not before stopping by the meat market by our apartment for some chicken. Grilled chicken and a side of grilled (Romanian!) cheese made for a great dinner. And,  season 1 of Seinfeld made for some great entertainment while we ate. There's nothing quite like a good old (yes, it does seem "old" at this point--crazy!) sitcom.

Thanks again for keeping up with the posts and praying. Here are a few requests as we go into the weekend:

1. Good rest and health--a few of us are battling sore throats and stuffy noses.
2. Easy transition for the team and for the staff as we all begin to work with each other.
3. That God would continue to do a mighty work IN and through me.
4. That the children we work with would come to know the love peace of Christ more and more every day.

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