Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday FUNday!

Sunday morning began with a journey to Uniri to meet up with the team, Ioana and Marc, and some kiddos to head to church. It was so fun to start the morning with those smiling faces and sweet hugs.

Since this particular church was only in Romanian, we sat in the back with Delia and Florina so that they could translate for us. The Home of Hope girls were there, which was wonderful, but it was even more delightful to see Ilincuta and Elena who are now living with families hoping to adopt them. It seriously warmed my heart!

Bogdan and Daniel were able to share about CTL after the sermon and show a short video that Nelu made. It's our prayer that more churches here will embrace CTL and the orphaned and abandoned kids in Romania.

After church, we headed with Nelu, Florina, and Ioana to the mall for lunch with the kiddos and the team. Shortly after lunch, the kiddos and team left and the interns stayed for quite a while to hang out with the Stoicas. We really enjoy each other quite a bit, and it was so nice to just sit back in the cool air and chat.

This afternoon, the interns decided to wander around and keep hanging out. I'd say we got our "steps" in, but they were equaled with good conversation, so we quite enjoyed it--not to mention that we learned a thing or two about each other.

Bailey and I ended the evening with peanut butter toast and flat peaches for dinner while Leanne ate cornflakes with yogurt. We eat super well around these parts... Actually it was around 8pm, so we certainly didn't want to cook anything. Yah, we'll go with that.

Alrighty. Back into the swing of things tomorrow. Must. Get. Rest. Thanks for all your prayers! Noapte Buna!

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