Sunday, June 19, 2016

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Thank you, Lili, for making sleep possible last night. It's quite imperative here, I must say.

This morning we met Bogdan, Marc, and the team at Obor, a giant indoor/outdoor marketplace, for a scavenger hunt. Bogdan split us up into two teams, gave each team some money, and showed us a bunch of random items to buy--everything from a sink part to pork tongue. Marc, AJ, and I went along with the teams, but we weren't allowed to speak Romanian or help them with what to say. It was quite entertaining to watch our team figure things out. Fortunately, one of our girls did some studying ahead of time and knew how to say "how much?" in Romanian. Good girl! Our team also found a stall owner who spoke English, so they asked him how to say a few things. Smart girls! The scavenger hunt ended in a tie, but it was quite fun and a good experience for the team.

Lunch at McDonalds followed before the girl interns split from Marc and the team to go back to our apartment for a bit. Since Obor is so far away from our apartment, I was able to listen to two sermons this morning. Thank you, iTunesU! If you don't have it, go get it! I'm seriously enjoying all the sermons and talks I downloaded prior to the trip (as we don't have Internet when we're traveling to and from places).

We got a bit of rest in the afternoon--reading, fighting off sleep, the usual. I think I did manage a quick twenty minute power nap before we headed back to the ministry center to gather the team for church.

A couple girls, Gabi and Georgiana, met us at the ministry center to join us for church, and it was SO good to see them! I had a great chat with Gabi on the way to church, and I can't wait to spend some more time with her. We met Delia and Bogdan at their church and enjoyed a few hours of learning and worshipping (and laughing) together. Again, being in the midst of passionate worshippers of Christ always makes me think about and get excited for Heaven. I may never see many of those people here again on earth, but I'm confident that we'll be worshipping Jesus together one day in Heaven. How sweet the sound!

After church, we parted ways with the team and came back to the apartment. We had a great day, but I am completely wiped out. Hopefully sleep will come easily tonight as we hit the ground running once again tomorrow. Noapte buna!

Thank you for your faithful encouragement and prayers!

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