Saturday, June 18, 2016

Simple Saturday

Sleeping in is pretty much my favorite. I'm fairly certain today was the only opportunity for that--too bad I was struggling to breathe. Thankfully, Lili is coming to the rescue this evening with some medicine! Thank you, Jesus (and Lili!).

I was able to relax at least this morning as we didn't leave the apartment until after one or so. The moment we did, however, we were hit with quite a heat slap--exactly what it felt like. We headed over to the ministry center to meet the team from Cal Baptist and help them with some planning. We worked on some stories, crafts, and games, and then they practiced some songs they had been working on. Man! It was enough to make me long for Heaven just a bit more so I can hear (and participate in!) that kind of singing and praise for all of eternity.

This evening we headed to Old Town, met up with our newest intern, Leanne, walked around a bit, sweated out every ounce of extra water in our bodies, and ate dinner at KFC. Although it was quite hot, I did enjoy getting to know the team a bit.

After dinner we headed back to the ministry center and cooled off for a quick minute before heading back home. Tomorrow we'll take the team to do a scavenger hunt at Obor (a giant indoor/outdoor market) and go to church in the evening.

Thanks for your continued prayers. If you'd like a specific list, check out yesterday's post. Te iubesc and noapte buna!

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