Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Observations: Part Six

It's been quite some time since my last list of observations, so I thought I'd send another few gems your way! Here they are in no particular order:

* Having no heater for two weeks in January is pretty miserable. 


* January now how 33 days. Who knew?

I showed the kid this slip today and asked him what day he wanted to make up the test. His response: "On Thursday," like it was absolutely no big deal that he had created a few extra days in January.

* A boy asked me today (and I quote), "Ms. Erickson, what state is New York in?" I didn't even TRY to hold back my laughter for that one.... 

* I feel like a church greeter when I do yard duty by the bus gate. As much as I dislike yard duty in the cold (or ever), it is kind of nice making the little goobers say good morning to me and smile.

* Apparently these kiddos were never taught that your and you're are two different words. But, it makes me feel slightly better about them when adults can't seem to figure it out either. Or does it frighten me??

* Did you know that if you do something "half fast," you're not putting forth your full effort? Quote from a persuasive essay: "...without having to worry about getting it done half fast." Yup.

* I love the witty ones. I was going over directions with my class and I asked them what we do next...one kid pipes up, "drop it like it's hot." Uh huh. I had to laugh about that one on the inside as I wrote the kid a detention slip.

* Taylor Swift's song "Safe and Sound" from the Hunger Games movie is amazing. It's been on repeat. If you don't own it yet, make it happen.  

* I miss 8th grade. I'd love to be able to reach 8th grade again.

* I miss all my kiddos from last year. I was spoiled. I'm hoping I feel the same about these goobers next year. :) 

* If you want to pull your kid out of school and homeschool him because I gave him a detention for plagiarism, feel free. Best of luck to you. True story. 

* This is so true it's frightening... 

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