Monday, January 2, 2012

No Word Wonder! (I was on TV again!)

Remember a while back when my mama and I were on the news? I was a one word wonder that day. You can check to see a refresher here if you've forgotten. :)

Well, last Saturday, we had lunch with Aaron Perlman and Cambi Brown after church (yes, church was on Saturday this last weekend), and Mom asked if they'd give us a tour of the news room some day. She shared with them my childhood (or maybe ongoing) obsession with the news, how my neighbor and I used to play newscaster, and how my favorite show was always the news. (Still no idea why, people, but it's true).

They invited us to come this morning and sit in the "studio audience." When we got to the studio, Aaron showed us around and then sat us in the "audience" (two chairs just off to the side from the news desk). It may seem like no big deal to them, but we loved it! It's so neat to see how it all works and comes together.

Then, during one of Aaron's weather segments, he called me over to do the weather with him--yes, it was that impromptu. I looked quite silly (it's really harder than it looks!), but it was lots of fun. I stood in front of the green screen and kept pointing the wrong way to things (everything is flipped over there), and of course I didn't have a mic, so I just stood and laughed and pointed--not my best work. I guess it's better that I stick to teaching and let Aaron handle the weather. He's great at it.

Here's a little video clip that I rigged up (I videoed the clip playing back on the DVR on our TV with my phone and uploaded it on here). The sound isn't that great, but you can see me pointing like a madwoman. :)

After the news ended, Mom and I climbed up in the chairs and played "news anchor."

 Me slightly giddy!

 We are "reporting" some serious news! (or trying to look serious)

So cool!

Thanks Eyewitness News for letting us crash the newsroom today. We had a blast! 

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