Thursday, January 19, 2012


(I came across my old poetry notebook tonight. I thought I'd share a few of my old poems on the blog.)


I want to love you more
Each moment of each passing day
As I watch you turn my skies
To blue from deepest grey
I want to cling to your hand
As you hold onto my heart
I want to ache deeply inside
Each moment we're apart
I want to learn to trust you
As easily as I breathe
I want to love and laugh with you
With you I want to dream
I want to become your beloved wife
Your confidant and your best friend
I want to build a life with you
That only death may end
For I know God's plan is perfect
Though it's mixed with joy and tears
We will have trials and victories
As we serve Him through the years
I want to see our Savior
Each time I look at you
Knowing that His strength is always
Sufficient to see us through

So I pray that God will hold these hopes
As we travel our separate ways
And prepare our hearts for this great journey
Until we meet someday

(October 6, 2008)

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