Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Word Wonder (I was on TV!)

In case you missed it, the madre and I were on the news this week. Our favorite news team, Eyewitness news (mentioned here) , planned a segment about carbon monoxide detectors in homes. They asked for someone willing to open their home to do a few live segments at the crack of dawn  before the dawn cracked, and of course, the madre and I were all over that.

So, on Wednesday morning at a time that is completely ungodly, the news reporter Cambi Brown, the fireman Sean Collins, and the photog LJ showed up on our doorstep (with Polly Pocket--Cambi's adorable dog).

We chatted for a bit, filmed a segment, had some donuts and hung out, filmed some more, and hung out a bit more. Although it was super early, we really did have a blast. Unfortunately, there was a fatal car accident early that morning, so they had to pack up quickly and leave before we filmed the last segment.

And in case you missed it (I know, I know, it's tough to wake up that early), here is one of the segments for your enjoyment:

It's true what they adds 10 15 pounds. It also turns your pretty purply sweater into a greyish color, makes your eyes look like they are closed (or was that because it was so early?), and turns a person who talks for a living into someone who can only blubber out one word--definitely!

All ridiculousness aside, we did have a blast!

Now go get a carbon monoxide detector if you don't have one!

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Nicole said...

Is that firefighter British?

Amy would say, "Definitely."

And the word recognition I got when posting this comment was "gases." Wow.