Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This One's for You, Brother.

My brother turned 30 today. How did that happen? We were just little kids lying on the floor on our favorite blankets watching TGIF and eating cheese whiz. When did we grow up?

In honor of his 30th birthday, I'd like to share 30 of my favorite things about him (in no particular order):

He's quite talented. Here we are performing a skit on a family cruise. Scotty and our cousin Michael re-wrote "Barbara Ann" and turned it into a skit for our grandparents' 50th anniversary.

He's clever. Hot summers in Bakersfield caused us to be creative in our "activities"--such as frying eggs in the street.

He's fun to beat up on. I knocked out his first tooth--thankyouverymuch.

He's protective. I don't really have a "memory" of this, but apparently he'd crawl into my crib on occasion. Right here it looks like he's protecting me from something quite scary.

He's pretty darn cool. I've always thought so, even when I didn't want to admit it.

He loves Jesus (and ninjas apparently).

He's athletic. He loves lots of different kinds of sports, and he's good at many of them, but I'm impressed that he can ride a tricycle in rain boots.

He's strong. Look at those guns! (Here we are eating in my grandparents' living room--a rare occasion!) 

He always gets the best tans--he's a natural bronzer.

He's still a little kid at heart. It's rare that we can take a serious picture.

He loves tradition. Here we are reading the Christmas story out of the big, family Bible at my aunt and uncle's house.

He still loves to wrestle....or pick me up and throw me over his shoulder.

He can swim with dolphins, absolutely love it, and still be a man.

He's supportive. He'd always come watch my shows in high school.

He's inclusive. He'd always "let" me hang out with him and his friends in high school. I pretty much loved it. Here we all are at Six Flags.

He's so thoughtful and a great gift-giver. Here I am wearing a shirt from him that has Stephanie from Full House on the front. Classic.

He's fearless.

 He's funny. He can always make me laugh. I still look at this picture every morning (it's in a frame in my room) and chuckle.

He thinks he can play the piano. It's quite cute, actually.

He's very artistic--just look at that piece of art on a paper plate (and try to ignore the shorts).

He married the most awesome girl ever!

He's good at sharing (or at least letting me take his sunglasses).

He's an awesome skateboarder.

He's nostalgic. Here he is wearing a shirt that has a picture of the three of us on it from our Hawaii trip back in 1994.

He's fun to play games with (especially when I win!--which is rare).

He's super duper smart. Here he is graduating from Pepperdine.

He's great with kids (thanks in huge part to his awesome niece and nephew!).

He loves his family. Here we are with our grandma (dad's mom).

He's classy and well dressed. Let's be real, he dresses better than I do. 

He's pretty much the bestest brother ever. 

Happy Birthday, Brother! Love you. 

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