Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to Deal 2.0

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Today I bring to you...

How to Deal 2.0: Poetry

Whether it's poetry or journal writing, writing in general is an excellent means with which to "deal" with our singleness (or any other challenges we may face in life). It's a safe way to be real and honest and raw. If we keep everything inside, we'll eventually explode...and let me tell you, that's not a pretty sight. 

I don't write poetry often. In fact, I wish I wrote much more than I do, but I have a couple of poems that I'll share with you:

I wrote this first one back in October of 2008.


I want to love you more
Each moment of each passing day
As I watch you turn my skies
To blue from deepest grey
I want to cling to your hand
As you hold onto my heart
I want to ache deeply inside
Each moment we're apart
I want to learn to trust you
As easily as I breathe
I want to love and laugh with you
With you I want to dream
I want to become your beloved wife
Your confidant and your best friend
I want to build a life with you
That only death may end
For I know God's plan is perfect
Though it's mixed with joy and tears
We will have trials and victories
As we serve Him through the years
I want to see our Savior
Each time I look at you
Knowing that His strength is always
Sufficient to see us through

So I pray that God will hold these hopes
As we travel our separate ways
And prepare our hearts for this great journey
Until we meet someday

This next poem was written in February of 2012.

Why Not Me?

I see all the black and white, 
Followed by the pink and blue. 

And I can't help but think,
Is this reality really true?

This was never my aim,
Though Your ways aren't my own.

Am I somehow to blame;
Will I always remain alone?

Why must I continue to wait?
Why them and not me?

If Your will is true and great,
Then why even let me dream?

These poems were written almost four years apart, yet the hopes, challenges, and desires imbedded in them remain the same. 

Perhaps in four years from now I'll be writing a different type of poem--one can dream, right? :) 

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