Monday, April 8, 2013

Guest Book Flashbacks

I was just scrounging around in an old box, and I came across our old guestbook from our Pathways apartment in college. I'm not sure whose idea it was originally, but we put a guestbook (blank notebook) near our front door and had our friends (and family) sign it when they came to visit. Perhaps the idea stemmed from Nathan and Nicole who would post a polaroid picture of anyone who spent the night in their Atlanta house (love it!). I'd love to begin one of these traditions (or a similar one) when I have a house and a family of my own one day. Try it! :)

Let me tell you, it was quite amusing to look back at some of the entries. I'll share a few with you here:

I basically almost live here! I love Amy! This place makes me happy! ~Christina C.

Hi, don't forget to unplug everything. ~Jeff M. 

Can I use your kitchen, please? ~Aaron S. 

Idon'tknowhowIfeelaboutthis. ~Dennis

What up yall. All I can say is that yall is crazy. Oh, and don't smoke crack...more than twice a week. ~Jeffrey R. D. 

Dear Amy--I love you so much that I gave you my signature which will be worth millions in a couple of years. Hope you don't get too wasted now that you are 21. Peace! ~Josiah

Te iubesc. ~Erbear (12-17-06)

Oh ya! It's okay! SAUCE. BJs was sweet. Many good times. ~(Wasn't signed, but it was obviously David B.) 

Hello once again. We came to see your face, eat cupcakes, and drink Guanna juice! We came, sought, and conquered. ~Christina C. 

Hey sexy. ~Mindy

Thanks for playing darts with me. AKA--shooting me as I attempt to work the gun! I love you dearly. ~Jamie

Amy, so I had fun hanging out in your apartment making fun of Jeff. ~Michael

Hello! I'm leaving now. ~Aaron P.

Name stealer! There's only one Aaron! Don't make me go buck wild on you! ~Aaron S. 

There's an Erin over there too! ~??

Doesn't count. ~?? 

I'm not a guest anymore! I live here! ~Jessica

You should be a chaplain or something like that. ~Aaron (12-11-07) 

Hi! I enjoy hanging here! Well, not in this book, but I like being here in this place of Amy's living space.  ~Jamie

So Amy, you are amazing! And Fishie, you are a LAMOFACE! And Christina you are AMAZING too! ~Duckie 

Smitty was here. Smitty was here also. And here too. ~Smitty 

Jessica is my freaking hero!! I love you! ~Lauren

Jake waz here 2! This is cool. Yes it is. Your dumb. No you are. What? Yellow carpets are gross. You know it! ~Jake

I think this is the third time I'm writing in here. We're going to Costco right now. Kbyebye. ~Penelope 

And, as I scrolled through the pages, I found this tucked in there...

I have some faint memory of this. Jessica? Do you remember where this came from? I just remember laughing at it.

Well, I certainly enjoyed this little stroll down memory lane. What were your favorite memories of our college days??

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