Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gym Etiquette

Since most people don't know gym etiquette (apparently), I thought I'd share some advice from some friends:

1. If you sweat all over a machine--clean it up! -Julie

2.  If you see someone waiting for your machine/barbell/dumbbell ask if you want to share it- you do a set, they do a set...  -Julie

3. No thongs. Only floss your teeth. -Heather

4. Don't look for the closest parking spot if you're going to work out! -FC (Jeff) 

5. Just because you leave your water bottle by a weight machine doesn't make that its dibs and you can use two machines at the same time. -Christy

And for my advice:

6. Don't wear grey. EVER.

7. Wearing your hood doesn't make you Rocky--no matter what you may think.

8. Please don't dig your underwear out of your rear in front of me. (See #3) 

9. You're supposed to run on the moving part of the treadmill, not stomp on the plastic area. 

10. Spandex is a PRIVILEGE, NOT a right (especially if it's alligator print)! 

What other pieces of advice do you have for us, friends?!? Please share. 


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