Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Not Me?


1. I am not sitting here wallowing in self pity.
2. I don't cry myself to sleep at night or sob when I watch "Say Yes to the Dress" (not that there's anything wrong with that).
3. I don't burn green with envy when I see people's dreams come true.
4. I am actually quite content in life right now.
5. I trust in God's sovereignty and I KNOW His timing is perfect.

That being said...

       ...I sometimes do struggle with where I am in life.
       ...I do deeply desire to someday have a husband and family.

So, when those struggles or feelings arise, I write--so that I don't do #1-3 above.

I want to be real and honest, so here is a little something I wrote a few nights ago (no, it wasn't on Valentine's Day!)...

Why Not Me?

I see all the black and white, 
Followed by the pink and blue. 

And I can't help but think,
Is this reality really true?

This was never my aim,
Though Your ways aren't my own.

Am I somehow to blame;
Will I always remain alone?

Why must I continue to wait?
Why them and not me?

If Your will is true and great,
Then why even let me dream?

And for all of you single ladies out there (great, now that stupid song that everyone plays for the bouquet toss at weddings is stuck in my head), check out this blog--The Sexy Celibate--yup, you read that right. The tag line?  Thirty Something. Christian. Fully Clothed. Blogging About It. I haven't read much yet, and I'm already a fan. :) 

1 comment:

Mychal said...

"Then why even let me dream"

That line really struck me. It's something I've asked for a long time myself.